Cardio Tennis - Tennis & Fitness combined!

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CARIO TENNIS is a great way to mix tennis and fitness in a group-based, fun and social activity - it is for people of all ages.

It is a high energy, full body fitness programme that combines tennis with cardio exercise. It is the activity that will make you feel great!

Each session lasts for 60minutes, and the more lessons you do the better you will feel!. With an upbeat music throughout the lesion, a fun time is guaranteed.

These courses will be facilitated by a Club qualified coach - Sergey Sanin


OPTION A: Sunday Afternoon 4.00-5.00pm commencing 18 October 2020

OPTION B: Thursday Evening 6.00-7.00pm commencing 15 October 2020



Non-members: $72 per person for 6 * 1 hour sessions

Members:  $60 per person for 6 * 1 hour sessions

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Club Coordinator: Sergey Sanin (022) 460 8862