Organised Play

During the organised playing times the focus is primarily on coaching junior members rather than just arranging games.

The normal procedure for each Saturday is -

  • Warm up period, which includes exercises to ensure the juniors are warmed up and also focuses on ball skills to enhance hand/eye co-ordination.
  • All juniors are broken up into small groups of equivalent standard and are coached. This coaching includes basic instruction on the various shots played in tennis as well as some fun games to enhance learning. The primary focus particularly in initial years of playing is to make sure that the coaching is appropriate to the level being taught and above all is enjoyable.

We are conscious of the need to have variety each Saturday and as a consequence we operate a four-week cycle incorporating different activities.

On the last Saturday in each month a small tournament will be run which will take various formats and will give all juniors an opportunity to play games, learn how to score and give the coaches an indication of the relative improvement of their group members.